Chanukah - A Time for Miracles and Happiness

Chanukah is all about miracles and here at Global Jewish (JAR) we do everything we can to make sure our needy Brethren in Israel celebrate this Chanukkah miracle properly, and together with all of Am Yisrael!

We Work Tirelessly Year-Round And Your Help Is Critical Now!

We are writing you today to solicit your support and participationin providing assistance for orphans, needy families, soldiers of the IDF, and holocaust survivors in Israel throughout the whole year.


For an updated animated video overview of the "Food Card"!

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As we approach Chag HaShavuot! Please dont forget our needy Brethren families in Israel.

We are now before Chag HaShavuot! Please join us in providing assistance to orphans,needy families, Soldiers of the IDF and holocaust survivors in Israel for Shavout. 

Sponsor Needy Families in Israel for Pesach "Mao't Chitim"

Sponsor Needy Families in Israel this Passover for "Maot Chitim"!Due to the rise in poverty this year, we are aiming at sending an ADDITIONAL 3-5,000 needy Families "Food Cards" at $80 per family.

Its up to you to make a change this Purim!

Every child deserves to rejoice on Purim! But due to the escalating hunger situation in Israel Many children and Families CANNOT! We can CHANGE that today!

We are reaching out to you to join in this effort and help support more needy families in Israel.

Here at Global Jewish Assistance and relief Network (JAR) we work throughout the entire year to help raise funds and support for needy families living in Israel

Come Help Us To Make Difference Today In Israel! Keep help to the needy in Israel

This February we provided 6,289 needy Families in Israel with "Food Cards" Totalling 1.378.250 Shekels. In Dollars thats $394.000!!!

In 2013, the "Food Card" continued to grow and provided 84,509 FOOD CARDS with a value of more than 21M Shekel ($6.1M USD). to some of Israel's neediest families with food assistance in the most dignified, cost effective and transparent way.


Two out of four children living in Israel go to bed hungry, and live under the national poverty line, Sadly, these children have nothing to be happy about. 

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