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No Jew should be hungry on Shavout!
I always remember this story when shavout comes around; A few years ago when my my dear friends were a young family of 4 in Israel  and they worked very hard. Even while the wife was well into her 3rd pregnancy and she continued to work hard in order to provide for their growing family. Yet, even though they worked so hard at the end of the month there was literally hardly anything to eat. The breaking point was Chag Hashavout; a chag filled with flowers and summery dressed little girls and boys giggling in the streets, cheesecake, cheesy quiches, and salads, and the scent of summer & happiness in the air...that same holiday they spent broken without the money to buy cheese for cheesecake, or veggies for that summer salad, or a new dress for the baby...yes, unfortunately while everyone was rejoicing they were living in their own personal struggle.

Come Help Us Make A Difference!

We work vigorously throughout the ENTIRE YEAR to help raise funds for needy families living in Israel! We are writing to you today to solicit your support and participation in providing assistance for victims of terror, orphans, needy families, soldiers of the IDF, and Holocaust survivers who are struggling in Israel.


Meet our volunteers and professionals making all of this happen in Israel!


As the world marks Holocaust Memorial Day, a generation whose childhood was taken by the Nazis is spending its final years struggling with hunger, and homelessness. We are finally shed a bit of light as the major Tv news MAKO has put out a campaign to eradicate poverty for Holocaust survivors living in Israel, AND HAS CHOSEN THE "Food Card" as the proper way to ensure that they have food and at the same time are treated with dignity and respect!
I ask you to help us make a change, let's give up on that extra cup of coffee, that extra slice of pizza    LETS GIVE IT TO THEM!

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