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Chabad of Uganda

Created Thursday 9/18/2017

Chabad of Uganda is an affiliate of Chabad Lubavitch of Central Africa and is an official DBA under the 501 C 3 status of the Global Jewish Assistance & Relief Network.

Donations to this page will be directed in full to the programs of Chabad of Ugandaa under the leadership of Rabbi Moshi Raskin.

Chabad of Ugandaa was established on 01/01/2017 to serve the needs of the local Jewish popualation and ex-pat Jewish communities of Kampala. More than 25 children particpated in recent High Holiday, Chanukah and Passover programs run by Chabad. Close to 50 people particpated in our communal Seder and another 120 people learnt about the Holidays and received Matzah for their company Seders.

The operational yearly budget of Chabad of Kampla is roughly $150,000 as follows:

The yearly operational budget in Kampala is roughly $150,000 a year, as follows:

$$30,000   Rent

$8,400   Security 

$ 8,400  Driver

$12,000   Utilities (gas, water, generator, domestic help, etc)

$24,000   Food

$4,800    Internet and Telephone 

$2,400   Printing 

$10,200 Health Insurance 

$30,000 Salaries

$8,000 yearly travel

$12,000 additional holiday expenses 

Total $150,200 / year 

None of this is possible without your continuous support.

All donations are fully tax deductible as allowed by law.

GJARN works in close partnership with Chabad of Uganda and supports its activities as part of the overall work being coordinated by Rabbi Avtzon and GJARN on behalf of Chabad of Central Africa.


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