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What do all these organizations have in common?

May 29, 2011

It is well known that most organizations try to do their own things and it usually does not matter if their particular method is the most economical, cost efficient, transparent, etc. But when 20 of the larger charities, municipalities, public and private charities choose to partner with one organization to provide the same basic need, IT SHOULD TELL YOU SOMETHING!

All these organizations raise funds to help needy families, be they Holocaust survivors, families of soldiers serving in the IDF, needy families of the Israeli police department, single mothers, new immigrants, etc.

1) The Company for Location and Restitution of Holocaust Victim's Asset, 2) Bank Discount of Israel, 3) Zionist Federation of South Africans in Israel, 4) Municipality of Tel Aviv, 5) Cong. Shivtei Yisroel (Lod), 6) Municipality of Ranana, 7) Emunah Women (Netanya Branch),8)  Ezrat Menachem /Ohr Chana (France/Israel), 9) Bucharan Jewish Congress, 10) Rotary Club (Tel Aviv), 11) El Al, 12) Workers Union - Asuta Medical Center, 13) Women's Circle, 14) Bank Discount for Mortgages, 15) Fund to help Policemen, 16) Municipality of Dimona, 17) Yad Yitzchok, 18) Keren Freida Horovitz (Jerusalem),19) Fund for Soldiers - Heaven and Earth

They have all done their research, their due diligence, etc, and they have all unanimously decided to help their constituents through the FOOD CARD program administered by JAR ISRAEL!


For one simple reason!

There is no other alternative program that offers the same value dollar per dollar, the same transparency, the same level of reporting, and which places the dignity of the recipient families as their highest priority. In simple words, IT IS THE MOST COST EFFECTIVE, TRANSPARENT AND DIGNIFIED program in all of Israel providing food assistance to needy families.


IN MAY 2011, 7973 families across Israel enjoy food cards totaling ILS 1,890,150 (USD $543,146.55)

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